VirtualPorn360 Releases New Infographic Discussing Everything You Need to Know About VR Porn

8 things you have to know about VR porn

VirtualPorn360 releases an infographic showing stunning facts about virtual reality porn. VR porn is the booming future in the world of porn and Virtualporn360 is one of the pioneers in this field. The market of VR headsets is growing faster every day. More and more people change from watching the regular version of online porn to diving into virtual reality by putting on their VR headset and being in the same room with their favorite porn star. VirtualPorn360 is one of the first websites to exclusively offer 360° VR porn videos and interactive, as well as 3D content. Now they released the most important facts about the booming industry of VR porn and their consumers:​

Who are the VR porn lovers?

Statistics show that the average user of VR porn is young: 54% of them are 18 to 34 years old and 38% are in the age group of 35 to 54. This goes hand in hand with their affinity to technology, as only 8% are older than 55. As expected, it is mainly men who watch VR porn. However, almost a quarter of the users are women. Which countries are most addicted to VR porn? Maybe one would guess Japan, as they are always ahead of time when it comes to technology. Well, the truth is that the USA brings out the most VR porn users, followed closely by the United Kingdom, Spain and France.

VR porn addicts’ favorite devices

It is no surprise that the Google Cardboard, as being the cheapest option, is the most popular VR headset: 3 out of 4 people use it. After that there's a huge gap to be filled, as only 17% of all VR headset owners have bought the Gear VR and 8% use the more expensive Oculus. Actually, almost 80% of all VR headset owners have already used it to watch VR porn. VirtualPorn360 offers videos for all of those devices on their website. Being ahead of time in VR porn, VirtualPorn360 will keep you updated about how virtual reality porn is revolutionizing the porn industry.

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